2021 - What a year it's been!

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2021 - What a year it's been!

Posted on: 19th December 2021

2021 upon reflection

We’re proud to say that whilst it’s had its challenges, 2021 has been a very positive year for Leisuretec. We’re very happy with our progress as a business and we’re starting to bear fruit from our relentless hard work during the pandemic. This is extremely rewarding and motivates us even further for 2022.

Despite the ever-present challenges of COVID-19, we are optimistic that 2022 will be another successful year for our industry as we continue to progress in the world’s current climate. We’ve also got our fair share of exciting opportunities and initiatives in the wings that we can’t wait to share with you, but before we move on to next year, we’ve picked out 3 highlights from this year that we’d like to reflect on.

1. New website, logo and branding

Back in April, we launched our new brand identity and website. This project had been in the pipeline for a couple of years and was born out of endless hours of brainstorming, concept creation and planning. Whilst the industry ground to a halt in 2021, our marketing team were busy behind the scenes pushing this project forward along with other initiatives that continued to build our foundations for the future.

We’re very proud to say that our new identity has been very well received by our customers, suppliers and the wider industry. We hope you like it and that it achieves its goal; to reflect Leisuretec as the forward-thinking distributor we are, in our ever-progressing industry.

2.  Evolution of our blogs and videos

This year we’ve made a huge effort to create fun and informative content in the form of blogs and videos. Our in-house video shooting and production is getting better with every video we create and we’re always coming up with new content for our blog section. We’ve selected some of our favourites from the year, have a browse via the links below.

Blog:  14 reasons you need a pro lighting desk in your hire stock | Microphone polar pattern basics

Videos:  RCF ART 9 video | Sennheiser EW-D app challenge



We hope you enjoy our content and we’d love to hear your feedback. What content would you like to see? Let us know here.

3.  Stock holding better than ever

Whilst Brexit presented many challenges, we saw it as a big opportunity. We continue to work very closely with our suppliers and we’ve significantly increased our stock holding across many of our brands which means our stock holding is now bigger and better than ever. We’re very excited to share with you that by March 2022, we will have expanded our warehouse storage by another 12,500sqft which will no doubt further cement our position as your UK trade distributor for sound, lighting, video, special effects and ancillary.

4.  Bonus – Our team!

We must give a special thank you to our team, all of whom have been absolutely sensational. They have powered through all of the personal and professional challenges presented by COVID over the past 21 months and have contributed hugely to the progression of Leisuretec, in many different ways. We’ve also welcomed new people to the team this year and are excited to continue our recruitment drive in early 2022 with a focus on future growth.


We’re proud to say that 2021 has been a success for Leisuretec and we can end the year extremely happy with our achievements. We trust that your year has also been an improvement on 2020 but if your business is still yet to fully recover, we hope that your situation continues to improve in 2022.


What’s in store for Next Year? We look forward to supporting your business and continuing our journey with you.


2021 - What a year it's been!