Introducing LeisureFOG 2.0

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Introducing LeisureFOG 2.0

Posted on: 1st April 2021

In 1992, we introduced the special effects machine. Featuring twin fluid bottles, a rugged steel construction and mesmerising colour, LeisureFOG smoked the competition on price, performance and prettiness. Almost 30 years later and we’ve done it again:

Introducing LeisureFOG 2.0. A brand-new, limited edition class of fogger with a bold passé pink finish, oodles of power and a convenient voice activated remote control. A limited run of LeisureFOG 2.0 will be available on 31 April 2021.

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Pretty in Pink

Designed to make a statement, LeisureFOG is detailed in a brilliant patent pending pink called, 'Electric Boogaloo'. Whether you're specifying a pub or club or adding some much-needed drama to a Christening or Scrabble tournament, LeisureFOG’s dazzling colour is guaranteed to draw the crowds.

Retro Design

LeisureFOG 2.0 boasts a truly classic design which is almost unchanged from the legendary original – how do you improve on perfection? Featuring the same sharp lines, bold two tank fluid system and high-quality screws of the original, the LeisureFOG 2.0 introduces fresh decals, vulcanised rubber feet and wireless mains. What’s more all LeisureFOG 2.0’s come with a lifetime warranty meaning your new best fogger will follow you all the way to retirement.

Power and Practicality 

With an all-new 1.21GW power coil, LeisureFOG 2.0 reduces warm-up times to virtually 0 heating your chosen fluid to 6000K in just over 40msec giving you more time to focus on creating a unique atmosphere that is sure to make you gasp. All functions of the fogger can be controlled via the convenient voice activated remote which features a generous 15-meter cable giving you the freedom to roam around or hide away while staying in complete control.

UPDATE: LeisureFOG 2.0 sold out!

LeisureFOG 2.0 pre-orders are now completely sold through! Don’t worry if you missed out, we still have a huge stock of non-pink special effects products. Call our team on 01525 850085 or email to discuss your requirements.

Introducing LeisureFOG 2.0
Introducing LeisureFOG 2.0
Introducing LeisureFOG 2.0