Redefining Distribution. Stock, Choice, Availability

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Redefining Distribution. Stock, Choice, Availability

Posted on: 25th January 2022

You may already have a good idea of what distribution means to you and your business. However, as a leading trade distributor, we find the word “distribution” doesn’t even begin to describe our goals, ambitions and commitments. Breaking the mould is part of what makes us unique in our field, and as a result, we are constantly redefining distribution and evolving what it means to do what we do. 


The Collins English Dictionary defines distribution as:

“The process of physically satisfying the demand for goods and services.” 

While this is seen by some as a suitable end game, we don’t believe that  simply satisfying demand is not good enough. Time and again as an industry we’ve suffered worldwide stock shortages, component scarcity and breakdowns in supply that scupper projects and make business extremely difficult . Given the unpredictability of the worldwide supply chain, how can your  distributor safeguard against stock shortages? One word. Investment.

We pride ourselves on partnering with the industry’s finest brands and since our inception we’ve invested heavily across our portfolio and our premises. We currently stock over 2600 sound, lighting and video product lines  and will add another 7,500ft2  of warehouse space in Q1 2022 so we can stock even more lines and further cement our position as your number 1 trade distributor.


We could stop there. But we like to go the extra mile. 

We could put all our eggs in one basket, stack our warehouses with the most popular lines and rest on our laurels. But we understand that tastes differ, requirements vary depending on the job specification  and brand loyalty can be  a powerful thing. That’s why we work with over 80 brands to deliver a mammoth range of high-quality sound, lighting and video alternatives, all from stock.


It’s in this way that our immense stock holding works for you. 

Given the tight deadlines and last-minute nature of our industry, it’s not uncommon for even the best laid plans to go awry. At best, last-minute changes can be frustrating. At worst, they can jeopardise the success of your projects. While it’s impossible to stock everything, we consider it a fundamental part of being a distributor to provide you with readily available solutions for your customers and projects. Whether you need it in 6 weeks, 6 days or 6 hours, we can ship anything from stock to you next day or you can collect direct from us within the hour. 

With over 60,000 products from 80 worldwide brands shipped from Leisuretec in 2021, we’re fully committed to redefining distribution, delivering you the power of choice every day along with competitive trade pricing and a great service.


We’d love to hear about your upcoming projects. Chat to our friendly sales today team on 01525 850085 or reach us at

Redefining Distribution: Stock, Choice, Availability
Over 60,000 products from 80 worldwide brands were shipped from Leisuretec in 2021