Assistive Listening Systems with Ampetronic


10:00 - 16:00

Assistive Listening Systems with Ampetronic

Hearing Loops and Infra-red assistive listening systems have sometimes been viewed as mysterious technologies, with predictable, repeatable, high-quality results being hard to achieve. However, the technologies are actually quite simple, and the problems installers may have encountered in the past can all be reliably avoided, provided the right steps are taken. Join us in the TecZone and learn how to specify and install systems the right way, and have a satisfied customer every time. This course acts as an introduction to more advanced courses which provide further detail on specification & design, and installation & commissioning techniques respectively.

Course contents:

  • Learn how widespread hearing loss is, and how assistive listening systems help people to hear better in challenging environments
  • Learn about the sales motivators for assistive listening systems, including legislative obligations and the business case for offering better access
  • Examine the different types of assistive listening system, and consider their respective benefits and limitations
  • Discuss what can go wrong when specifying and installing hearing loops, and how to avoid these potential problems
  • Learn about the importance of loop performance standards, and what we must do to comply with them
  • Learn about different types of loop system, and when each type should be used
  • Experience a standard-compliant loop system, and receive a brief introduction to modern test tools and procedures
  • Experience Listen Technologies next-generation iDSP infra-red system, and learn about its benefits compared with existing solutions

The details

Date: TBC

Price: FREE with lunch included

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: The TecZone

Leisuretec Distribution Ltd

Unit L3, Cherrycourt Way,

Stanbridge Road, Leighton Buzzard



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