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Leisuretec Website Support

This form is to be completed by Leisuretec personnel only and should NOT be forwarded onto customers.

The aim of this page is to speed up the process of identifying and fixing website faults, therefore improving our customer service.

Please complete your ticket below. Mark your ticket with a priority level of 1-3 and try to provide as much information as possible. 

About Priorities

3 – Small Update or Query

Suggestions on how we can improve our trade website. For example:

  • A product category image is discontinued / not relevant / no longer stocked
  • You feel X product needs it’s own niche product category
  • Information on page X is difficult to read
  • Helpful features you feel our customers would find beneficial, i.e. Project Lists...
  • Customer feedback fed back through you

2 – Website Error

Used to highlight a website error. The website may not work properly or you have noticed a glitch. For example:

  • Page URL doesn’t exist
  • Pricing is incorrect on a product
  • Product image is incorrect
  • Spelling Errors
  • Product technical specs are incorrect

1 – Customer Support / Problem

Used to highlight website problems where a customer is involved and it’s important that we resolve the problem as quick as possible. Prior to submitting this ticket please ensure you have done the appropriate amount of initial troubleshooting. This helps us identify the problem and fix it quickly therefore improving our customer service. For example:

  • Customer hasn’t received his login details
  • Customer’s trade login no longer works
  • A problem at checkout / payment

About Details

Please ensure you have carried out some basic troubleshooting prior to submitting your ticket. This is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT with Customer Support.

  • What was the exact error message? Please attached a screenshot if possible.
  • What did you or the client do to trigger the fault?
  • Have you tried to recreate the problem yourself or had it confirmed by another website user?
  • Which web browser are you or the client using? E.G. Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox... Ideally the version number.

By providing this information you are helping speed up the process of identifying and fixing the fault, therefore improving our customer service.