11 Innovations in One Product: xVision Video Converters

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11 Innovations in One Product: xVision Video Converters

Posted on: 29th May 2023

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Video Signal Converters are an essential tool for any live event with a video signal chain containing a video input (camera, PTZ or media), a switcher/streamer and display outputs(s). Designed by a team of passionate industry veterans, xVision has been specifically designed for Pro AV rental houses, Live Production and Broadcasting. They offer HD and 4K converter devices for HDMI, SDI, Fibre and HDBaseT and are built to answer the reliability problems introduced by cheaper, more consumer type video converters on the market. Why should your live productions and broadcasts rely on a cheap and nasty throw-away video converter? Well, they no longer have to...

1. In-Built PSUs

Say goodbye to those annoying external power supplies that overheat, dangle from your desk, clog up power strips and are not suitable for continuous use. xVision will lower your replacement external PSU consumption, saving you money, time and hassle in the long run. Plus, they all use powerCON TRUE1 locking connectors which won't accidentally disconnect mid-show. How about that?

2. Built in Convenience AC Outlet

All xVision converters have a built-in convenience AC outlet which lets you quickly daisy chain units or power nearby devices (video projectors, TVs, monitors, laptops etc...) without the need for additional power strips. Not only will this tidy up your set up and make it more reliable, it saves you valuable set up time on live events.

3. Tour-Ready Enclosure, 6.35mm Aluminium Chassis

xVision's unique industrial construction isn't just to make them look pretty. The enclosure is designed to survive the most rigorous of touring and live event applications with 6.35mm steel plates both top and bottom, which protrude on all four sides and overlap the inner metal housing.

4. Recessed, Protected Connectors

All connectors are recessed behind the steel plates to protect them when (not if!) the device is dropped.

5. Chassis-Screwed Connectors

All power and signal connectors are screwed directly to the metal chassis of the device instead of simply sitting on the PCB. This ensures that, when stress applied to on the connection by a cable, the force is distributed along the chassis and won’t damage the electronics inside the device. This minimises breakages and thus throw-aways, which would usually be standard protocol when connectors break on cheap and nasty video converters.

6. Locking Connectors, Including HDMI

All connectors are locking (even HDMI) to prevent any accidental disconnection during your live production, or whilst they're flown in a location that's not easily accessible. Boy, wouldn't it be annoying if you flew a converter in some truss, hoisted the truss into position but then realised the dipswitch was on the wrong setting...

7. No Dipswitches means Instant Set Up

Say adios to the infamously fiddly, tedious and annoying dipswitches. xVision converters automatically configure the output based on the input. There are no dipswitches, buttons or menus to fumble with and each converter has LED status indicators to indicate its states of operation and assist with troubleshooting…

8. LED Status Indicators

Unlike most video converters on the market, the xVision’s LED status indicators give you a visual representation of whether the unit is on, receiving signal and which signal it’s receiving.

A red light indicates that the device is powered and the same light turns green to show it’s receiving signal. Devices that handle SD, HD and 3D SDI signals indicate the current signal type by lighting one of those green lights. Audio converters indicate the signal level with a small LED bar graph.

9. Multiple SDI Outputs

All xVision SDI converters include a main output and courtesy/loop-through output, both re-clocked and amplified to maintain signal integrity, meaning you can daisy chain multiple units with way less than a single frame of latency.

10. HDCP Compliant

HDCP is an encryption security protocol that prevents content such as movies and TV shows from being pirated. All xVision HDMI converters are all HDCP compliant, meaning they will work with copyright free content including Apple products. Basically, this feature minimises unforeseen, frustrating and quite frankly unnecessary HDCP compliancy bugs you might normally encounter when setting up your live event or production.

11. On-Field ID

Every device has a colour/letter coordinated on-field ID so they can be quickly identified when on a live production or when installed. This also helps stage hands, or less knowledgeable users to set up signal chains quicker as they can be instructed by colour/letter, rather than by SKU or feature.








A Start

B Destination

C Cross Signal (Bi-directional)

D Distribution Amp

E Sound Embedder

S Sound De-Embedder

R Repeater


11 innovations? We actually counted 17!

12. M10 Threaded Hole for Easy Rigging

All units have an M10 threaded hole on top so it can be rigged or flown in any application.

13. Safety Strap Holes

Every device comes with a safety strap which can be easily used as a secondary safety rigging point when flown or even used itself to fix the items to other surfaces.

14. Magnetic Stacking

Unique to xVision, all devices have the same footprint and can be magnetically stacked which tidies up your set up, helps with shipping and storage and will no doubt save you on countless rolls of gaffer tape as you no longer have to tape your converters together to keep them organised.

15. Anti-Slip Mat

Every device is equipped with a very handy anti-slip mat, keeping it fixed in place when on a desk top and preventing it from sliding off when cables are tugged.

16. Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Canada

Design, manufacturing and quality-control is all done under one roof in Canada, guaranteeing that Theatrixx products are built to the very best standards of reliability and longevity.

17. Five Year Warranty

Theatrixx products are built to last and the confidence they have in their product is backed by a 5-year unlimited replacement warranty on each device. They also have a genuinely great ethos: in the unlikely circumstances that a device does go wrong, they want to know why. The unit will be shipped back to Canada where it will be tested, troubleshooted and used to fuel ideas for future improvements.

Theatrixx Exclusive UK Distribution Partners

As Theatrixx’s Exclusive UK Distribution Partner we offer you competitive trade pricing, good stock availability, technical sales advice & support and super-efficient order fulfilment. Click the link below to browse the xVision range on our trade website and or contact our technical sales team on 01525 850085 to discuss your video requirements.

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xVision HDMI DA 1:4 Distribution Amplifier
xVision In-built power supply
xVision Built In Convenience AC Outlet
xVision 6.35mm Steel Plate Enclosure and xVision Recessed Protected Connecters
xVision Chassis-Screwed and Lockable Connecters
xVision LED Status Indications and No Dipswitches
xVision SDI Relay Outlet
xVision On-Field Colour and Letter IDs
11 Innovations in One Product: xVision Video Converters
11 Innovations in One Product: xVision Video Converters