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Event Lighting

We stock a solid range of professional entertainment lighting solutions for events of all sizes: from small parties and corporate events right up to large scale concerts and festivals. Our aim is to provide you with the best product for your application based on the specification, quality and price.

Stage Lighting  •  Intelligent Lighting  •  Moving Heads  •  Lighting Control  •  Wash Lighting  •  LED Spots and Floods  •  Scanners  •  Uplighters  •  Battery Powered Lighting  •  Outdoor Lighting  •  UV Lighting  •  Strobes and Blinders  •  Show Lasers  •  Lighting Fixtures  •  PAR Fixtures  •  DJ Effects Lighting  •  Followspots  •  LED Strips and Battens  •  LED Display Products  •  Dimmer Packs / Dimming  •  Splitters  •  Wireless DMX  •  Wireless Lighting Control  •  Networking  •  Protocol Converters

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Theatre Lighting

Effective lighting is a vital ingredient to any theatre stage. It’s part of the performance; it helps set the mood, amplifies the emotion conveyed by the actors on stage and immerses your crowd in the entire production. We work with ETC, CHAUVET Professional, LDR and Martin Professional to cover all of your theatrical and stage lighting requirements.

Ellipsoidals  •  Fresnels  •  Battens  •  Cycloramas  •  Followspots  •  Moving Heads  •  House Lights  •  Static Wash Lights  •  UV Lighting  •  Strobes and Blinders  •  Pixel Mapping  •  Networking and Distribution  •  Atmospherics  •  Lighting Desks  •   DMX Lighting Control

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Installed Lighting

We supply our AV installer customers across the UK with an extensive range of entertainment and effects lighting for any venue that is entertaining an audience and requires an installed lighting solution: music venues, clubs, pubs, restaurants, function rooms, hotels, schools, museums and many more.

Effects Lighting  •  LED Spots and Floods •  Moving Head Fixtures  •  Scanners  •  LED Strips and Battens  •   Intelligent Lighting  •  Strobes and Blinders  •  Show Lasers  •  UV Lighting  •  Image Projection  •  Ellipsoidals  •  Fresnels  •  Dimming  •  Splitters  •  Networking  •  DMX Lighting Control Desks  •  Rack Mount Lighting Controllers  •  Wireless Lighting Control

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Architectural Lighting

We provide professional architectural lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor, temporary and permanent applications: outdoor building illumination, public buildings, shopping centres, museums, landmarks, iconic buildings, tourist attractions and any other piece of architecture that needs illuminating.

Outdoor Lighting  •  LED Floods  •  LED Battens  •  LED Washes  •  LED Pin Spots  •  LED Panel Washes  •  Pixel Mapping  •  IP Rated Lighting  •  LED Uplighters  •  Battery Powered Lighting  •  Outdoor LED Tape  •  Image / Gobo Projection

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Over 80 brands

Our extensive portfolio of over 80 brands across sound, lighting, video, special effects and ancillary means we will have a product for every budget and specification, from stock, ready to fulfil your requirements.

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