All of your ancillary requirements covered.

We've got all of your ancillary requirements covered with our wide range of gaffer tape, crew wear, clamps & couplers, speaker brackets, stands, safety chains, rack equipment and trussing.

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Gaffer Tape

We distribute Le Mark’s range of professional gaffer tapes, designed to offer outstanding performance for a huge range of industries and applications. A range of adhesive is available including their world-renowned low-residue adhesive on their MagTape® Original gaffer tape.

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Crew Wear

Keeping your riggers safe. We distribute Dirty Rigger’s range of professional rigging gloves, accessories and safety equipment. Dirty Rigger’s wide choice of rigger gloves are designed to keep your crew safe in a number of different environments whilst their accessories are designed to save time and make their life on-site as easy as possible.

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Clamps and Couplers

We distribute a wide range of Clamps and Couplers from Powerdrive and Doughty meaning that we can support your requirements no matter your application.

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If the manufacturer doesn’t support their product with a compatible bracket, we source our brackets from Powerdrive and Doughty. We stock a wide range of bracketry for popular product lines, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting a bracket custom made.

Bespoke Requirements

Sometimes you might require a unique bracket / fixing solution specific to your application and that’s no problem at all. Thanks to our supplier relationships we can organise custom bracketry tailored to your requirements, call our team today on 01525 850085 for more information.

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We offer a wide range of speaker stands, lighting stands, microphone stands and winch stands ready to fulfil all of your requirements.

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Safety Chains and Wires

A necessity when hanging equipment. We stock safety chains of all sizes; from 5kg safe working loads right up to 100kg.

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Everything you need to fill your rack. We stock rack shelves, drawers, blank panels, ventilation panels, security panels, and rack fixings ready immediately for next working day delivery.

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Truss / Lecterns

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf trussing and lecterns and thanks to our strong supplier relationships we are able to organise stock very quickly to deliver your products on time.

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