Blaydon Communications use CHAUVET for College Upgrade

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Blaydon Communications use CHAUVET for College Upgrade

Posted on: 12th June 2024

Burnside College, a prominent educational institution, was in dire need of an upgrade to its existing lighting system. The college's requirements were complex, and they needed a trusted, local expert to handle the project.

Blaydon Communications, established in 1972, are renowned for their comprehensive range of systems, and pride themselves on being a one-stop shop for audio, visual, and lighting needs. They were recommended by a local company for the job which led to a full site survey for Burnside College.

During the site survey, there were some key problems that were identified. Alongside listening to the customers needs, the following issues were identified;

Burnsides existing PAR Cans were becoming expensive to run and difficult for students to manage, their moving heads were proving temperamental in addition to the outdated lighting desk which lacked modern features such as remote app control. These issues collectively would impact the students education from receiving real-world and up-to-date experience with technology.

Based on the client’s needs and the recommendations from Leisuretec, Blaydon Communications proposed the following upgrades:

Blaydon Communications used their extensive knowledge and experience, and the reliability of CHAUVET and ChamSys products, to execute the upgrade flawlessly. The installation process involved removing old dimmer packs and fixtures, installing new LED variants of PAR cans, profiles, and moving heads, setting up and configuring the QuickQ 30 desk, plus providing training to staff and students on using the new system and the remote app control from ChamSys.

While Blaydon Communications expertise prominently lie in audio equipment, their lighting projects benefit from the support and guidance of Leisuretec. Paul Dougherty, Managing Director for Blaydon Communications, commented “Leisuretec are always happy to help. Glenn Smith (Leisuretec’s Technical Sales Manager) was always on hand to provide recommendations and reassurances about the project for hardware, installation, training, and ongoing support…” “The ordering process was straightforward, with timely delivery of all equipment, ensuring the project stayed on schedule.” Paul Dougherty continued.

The upgrade project at Burnside College was a resounding success. The new LED fixtures significantly reduced running costs and were easier for students to manage. The QuickQ 30 desk, with its modern features, provided the college with a state-of-the-art control system, enhancing the learning experience for students. The reliability and ease of use of the CHAUVET fixtures and ChamSys desk ensured that the lighting system met all the college's needs and expectations.

Courtesy of Blaydon Communications

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Blaydon Communications use CHAUVET for College Upgrade
Blaydon Communications use CHAUVET for College Upgrade
Blaydon Communications use CHAUVET for College Upgrade