700 MHz Frequency Band to be Cleared in the UK

Posted on: 8th March 2019

Back in 2014 Ofcom announced that the 700 MHz Frequency Band would be cleared, freeing up valuable spectrum for mobile data to ensure a wider availability of communication services for citizens and consumers.

The UK Government has announced that they intend to clear the 700 MHz band by 01 May 2020, which is bad news for wireless microphone and IEM users. Audio engineers will need to work harder and smarter to meeting production demands, some equipment will become non-compliant or more difficult to configure and operate.


PMSE Funding Scheme (Programme Marketing & Special Events)

After many months of consultation, Ofcom have now gone live with the proposed 700 MHz clearance funding scheme whereby the government will offer compensation to owners of products in the 700 MHz band once they have surrendered their equipment.

This generous funding opportunity is available for anyone who owns PMSE equipment that relies on the 700 MHz band purchased by 23 August 2018. This means you can offset the cost of your new equipment by claiming at least 60% back against newer equipment, plus an additional 10% in administration charges against the total claim value. By doing this you get the latest technology that fit for the future, with a significant saving.

The Ofcom Compensation Portal is now live and you must submit your claim by the 26 April 2019.

To make your claim visit pmsefunding.co.uk


How do I know if I’m affected?

As a leading manufacturer and innovator of wireless microphone and IEM systems, Sennheiser have created a simple Radio Frequency Health Check tool you can use to see if you are affected. It’s quick, easy and will guide you through the entire process from selecting new products to applying to compensation.

Take the test now: sennheiser.com/stayheard


Am I Eligible for Compensation?

You are eligible for compensation if you:

  • Have held a licence in the 700 MHz band between 17th October 2014 and 23rd August 2018 OR, you can prove your rental business is dry hire only and doesn’t need a licence
  • Are claiming for equipment that belongs to you
  • Are claiming for equipment that is still in working order
  • Bought your equipment before 23rd August 2018
  • Are claiming for equipment with at least some of its range in the 700 MHz band (694-790 MHz)

You can also claim for some ancillary equipment if it will be unusable after the 700 MHz band clearance. Ancillary equipment must satisfy all eligibility criteria, with the exception of tuning range for equipment without a tuning function.


Disappearing Spectrum: What's the Future for Wireless Mics?

Join us at Leisuretec on Wednesday 10 April for a quick fire update on the imminent 700 MHz band clearance, the government’s accompanying funding scheme and how the ever-diminishing RF spectrum will impact the live entertainment industry.

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About Ofcom

Ofcom is the regulator for the communications services we use every day. They are responsible for regulating and making sure people get the best out of their broadband, home telephone and mobile services, alongside keeping up with TV, Radio and Professional applications.

Courtesy of Sennheiser

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700 MHz Frequency Band to be Cleared in the UK
700 MHz Frequency Band to be Cleared in the UK
700 MHz Frequency Band to be Cleared in the UK