Redefining Distribution. Your Tool to the Trade

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Redefining Distribution. Your Tool to the Trade

Posted on: 14th April 2022

How would you define an essential tool to your business? A particular piece of equipment? A specific skill or talent? For most of us, whether working on location or in the office, there are some things we can’t get along without. And, even though some say a bad workman blames their tools; we say, some tools are just better than others. 

Take our exclusive trade website for example. No seriously. Take it. Take it with you on site. Take it to the office. On the road. Share pricing with your colleagues, products with your customers. Share your projects with us for technical support and advice. The Leisuretec trade website is so much more than a static web shop – it’s been designed from the ground up to power your projects anytime, anywhere.


Find it

Whether you’re looking for something specific, or just fishing for ideas, our smart search and comprehensive categories will land you in the right spot. Browse over 7,500 audio, lighting, video and special effects products from 80+ world leading brands with detailed product information, live pricing, stock availability and technical specs to inform your purchases. We also have an educational blog and news section where you’ll find the latest news from across the industry, as well as original content to keep you informed of new releases and technology for your projects.

Keep your plans and budgets in check too, staying organised on the go with our built-in Project List function. Perfect for sharing loadout ideas or a range of budgets with your customers and colleagues, with full control over the pricing they see. You can even share them with us for quotes, technical support or advice on your upcoming projects. 

And for those times you’re too tied up to pick up the phone, chat with us online instead. Whether you want to check a lead time, ask a technical question or get an update on your order, our team are on-hand to support you through our handy online chat function. 


Get it

As an industry leading distributor, we want our customers to enjoy a seamless experience with us. We understand that everyone works differently, and while we love nothing more than speaking with our customers over the phone, we know inspiration doesn’t always fall between business hours. That’s why our website is open for business 24/7 – 365 day a year, ready to accept your orders at any time. Our team will be right behind your purchase every step of the way, fulfilling your requirements seamlessly and giving you the confidence to trust us with your business. 

Having an online store in 2022 may not seem like much of a bragging point, but the way it’s implemented can make all the difference in how relationships are forged. Our combination of dedicated people and powerful functionality isn’t just an essential part of running our business – it’s a core part of what defines us as a distributor and something we will continue to redefine well into the future.


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Redefining Distribution. Your Tool to the Trade