Comfort Fit Mens Framer Rigging / Operator Gloves (S)

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Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit Mens Framer Rigging / Operator Gloves (S) - Main Image
Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit Mens Framer Rigging / Operator Gloves (S) - Image 1
Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit Mens Framer Rigging / Operator Gloves (S) - Image 2
Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit Mens Framer Rigging / Operator Gloves (S) - Image 3
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Dirty Rigger


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Main Features

  • Framer Style Comfort Fit Working Gloves
  • Very comfortable
  • Primary fingers remain instantly accessible for intricate tasks
  • Low profile palm and knuckle padding
  • Double-layered ultra-tough synthetic leather on key wear areas
  • Write on ID tag

Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit (Framer) Rigger Glove

"So light you won’t want to take them off. So versatile you won’t need to."

Keeping your ring & little finger covered, whilst the tips of your thumb, middle and index finger remain instantly accessible for intricate tasks. The fitted design moves with your hands as you work, minimising the risk of snagging and making it a comfortably light glove to wear. Although light, the Comfort Fit doesn’t hold back on durability. The breathable materials look after your hands on the inside, whilst the double-layered ultra-tough synthetic leather and double stitching do the hard work on the outside.

This glove is currently undergoing PPE testing and should be considered suitable for general use in the meantime. For specific PPE requirements please refer to our specialised PPE range.

Glove Uses

  • General Rigging
  • Loading
  • Running Cables
  • Film/Set/Scenic
  • Camera Operation
  • Console Operation (Framer Style)

This glove is intended for general use. If your work is more demanding or requires a specific PPE rating, a glove from Dirty Rigger's Heavy Duty range may be more suitable.

Product Features

  • Light & flexible for all-day comfort
  • Snug fit to minimise snagging
  • Double layered synthetic leather on palm and key wear areas
  • Double stitched seams
  • Double stitched carabine eyelet on wrist cuff (carabine not included)
  • Neoprene knuckle padding
  • Write on ID tag
  • Low profile palm padding
  • Machine washable at 30°C

Materials Used

Synthetic Leather

Being comfortable in your gloves is essential. Our specially selected synthetic leather boasts outstanding resistance to a hard graft, but also feels incredibly soft on the skin. We added a second layer to key wear areas to give an added barrier and increase glove life, while the single layered areas allow your hands to move unrestricted.

Double Stitching

Creating super strong seems throughout the glove, our heavy duty nylon double stitching provides exceptional resistance to wear and tear. A feature designed to add life to your glove.