GN50 LED Screw-on Mic Gooseneck Exc CK Capsule 50cm

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AKG GN50 LED Screw-on Mic Gooseneck  Exc CK Capsule 50cm - Main Image
RRP: £372.00 inc VAT
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Main Features

  • Rugged construction
  • Highly reliable contacts for capsule modules
  • Integrated LED ring status indicator
  • Integrated switchable bass rolloff
  • Mini XLR connector or unterminated cable ends
  • 50cm long

GN50 LED Screw-on Mic Gooseneck  Exc CK Capsule 50cm

This extremely slim and rugged gooseneck module features an LED ring which indicates whether the phantom power is on or off. A special light-ring expander comes with every DAM+ gooseneck module to improve the visibility of the LED ring if necessary. For quick setup and maximum flexibility all gooseneck module comes with a DAM+ Series system connector. This high quality connector with gold- plated contacts reliably fits all available phantom power modules. The gooseneck module is compatible with all DAM+ Series capsules, CK41, CK43, CK49 via self-cleaning contacts. Their extremely deep thread groove prevents misalignment and ensures a long useful life of all DAM+ components.

Product Features

  • Rugged gooseneck construction for stability & extra-long life
  • Highly reliable components prevent contact problems
  • Integrated switchable LED ring to show system status
  • Integrated system connector helps save stock keeping costs
  • Broad assortment of mounting accessories available
  • Compatible with all DAM+ Series capsules, CK41, CK43, CK49

Product Specifications

For product specifications please refer to the User Manual.

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