Aura LED Projector Dimmable LED WIFI/Off Timer 12V Inc Wheel

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OPTI Kinetics Aura LED Projector Dimmable LED WIFI/Off Timer 12V Inc Wheel - Main Image
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OPTI Kinetics
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Main Features

  • Create your own home sensory environment
  • Amazing multi effect projector
  • Using the same effects found in sensory rooms across the world
  • Designed specifically as an affordable item for the sensory home market
  • Dimmable function and off timer capabilities
  • Compatible with all 6” Effect Wheels

Aura LED Projector

The Aura projector is a multi-effects sensory projector that will instantly change the vibe in any room and is perfect for children or adults with sensory processing differences.

The Aura sensory projector has been proven to aid in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, agitation and insomnia and is highly effective in calming children with Autism.

This calming sensory light also helps you gain back valuable time as its soothing effects will help relax your child during playtime or as they are put to bed.

The Aura projector uses the same specialist lighting effects found in sensory rooms and medical facilities, is compact, lightweight and incredibly quiet, making it perfect for bedrooms.

Product Features

  • Dimmable Bright LED –  sharp bright light for bedroom or small space but dimmable for bedtime
  • Fitted Off Timer – perfect to set before naptime or bedtime
  • Integral Rotator – No need to buy an additional wheel rotator
  • WIFI connectivity for remote control
  • 12V DC Low Voltage - Extraordinarily cheap to run and can be used worldwide
  • Long Life Lamp (LED) – low maintenance
  • Can be mounted upon a wall or situated upon a table
  • Cool and virtually silent – Can be used continuously
  • Compatible with all 6” Effect Wheels

Product Specifications


  • Light Source:  6W LED
  • Brightness (Lumens):  600
  • Lens Focus:  Manual
  • Compatibility with [Opti]Kinetics Lighting Effects:  6″ Wheels Only
  • Protection Rating:  IP 30
  • Recommended Projection Distance:  2-4m
  • Power Supply:  5VDC 6W
  • VAT Exempt:  Yes
  • Warranty:  3 years
  • Colour of Projector:  White


  • Weight:  2kg
  • Size:  L23 H22 W23 OD65 CM
  • Lens Size:  85mm

Product Downloads

Product Video