BLU8-V2-WHT Ver 2 Programmable 8-Zone Remote Control White

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BSS BLU8-V2-WHT Ver 2 Programmable 8-Zone Remote Control White - Main Image
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Main Features

  • HiQnet compatible programmable zone controller
  • Capable of controlling a single zone, four zones or eight zones
  • A simple control surface
  • Informative visual feedback
  • Non-technical users can be confident in making changes to an integrated AV system
  • Available in white or black


The Soundweb London BLU-8 Wall Controller offers Ethernet connectivity, direct or PoE powering, multiple modes of operation, simple control and visual feedback, a sleep feature and a lockout feature.

The BLU-8 features two rotary encoders, one nine-segment meter and five push-buttons. The device can be configured to work in one of three modes of operation: Single Mode (One Page), Button Mode (Four Pages), Encoder Mode (Eight Pages).

RGB LEDs on the BLU-8 allow unique colors to be assigned to differed zones, giving visual feedback and a high level of user confidence in adjustments made to remote zones.

The nine-segment meter is fully customizable through HiQnet London Architect and any valid pattern of LEDs can be displayed. The meter normally shows the program level of the currently selected zone but takes on temporary representation of the gain level as soon as an adjustment is made.

The BLU-8 can be programmed to enter a ‘Sleep’ state after a predetermined delay time. In this state, all LEDs are extinguished apart from the dimly glowing Locate Button. When a control adjustment is made, the device will once again display full visual feedback for the currently selected zone.

A lockout feature can be implemented for BLU-8 controllers situated in public areas. In order to make adjustments to the controller, the operator must first enter a pre-configured 4-digit PIN. This lockout feature can be combined with the sleep feature, allowing the device to automatically enter the locked out state upon entering the sleep state.

The BLU-8 is available in white or black as two different versions: BLU-8-WHT and BLU-8-BLK respectively. Custom metal faceplates and overlays are also available from third party vendors.

The BLU-8 and the other members of the Soundweb London family provide the building blocks of the perfectly tailored system solution.

Product Features

  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • 12-48V DC or PoE Powering
  • Multiple Modes of Operation
  • Simple Control and Visual Feedback
  • Available in: White (BLU-8-WHT) and Black BLU-8-BLK)
  • Customizable LED Coloring
  • Dual Function and Customizable Meter
  • Sleep Feature
  • Lockout Feature

Product Specifications

  • Connectors: RJ45 Ethernet connector
  • Maximum Cable Length: 100m/300ft on Category 5 cable
  • Power Connector: 2-way Screw Terminal
  • Power Consumption: 300mA max at 12V
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 (32) to 40 (104) degrees C (degrees F)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.8" x 6.69" x 1.99" (122.96mm x 169.96mm x 50.52mm)